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Cloudternal Records is a cloud-based application. Easily integrate with your existing single sign-on process. Give employees and customers fine tuned access to contribute/view/share data. Eliminate time consuming hand-offs between different systems, documents, and emails. End error prone manual processes and your dependence on spreadsheets.

Cloudternal Records is your electronic filing cabinet. You have the control to create your own record books to manage: employees, inventory, customers, sales, projects, tasks, products, orders, vendors, assets, equipment, expenses, time sheets, prospects, events, locations, contracts, documents, content, campaigns, issues, research, and so much more.

Adding records is a breeze. Add as many as you need. We can handle millions of records. You have complete control to set up your own rules to ensure that users are only entering valid data.

Users can easily create their own forms to capture and share data. Forms can be customized to simplify how users see and edit records.

Cloudternal Records keeps a complete audit history of every change, who made the change, and when it was updated. You have the ability to archive records based on your retention rules. We make it easy to share a single record by simply providing a link to that record.

Sort, group and filter data exactly as you need to, without needing to understand complex data relationships. We never keep your data hostage, you can easily export any of your data at any time.

Record book permissions are based on your business rules, saved in plain English, just as any user would describe who can see or edit your record books. For permissions you can "set it and forget it" because even though your users are constantly in flux, your business rules don't change.

Cloudternal Records provides granular permissions down to the cell level, based on your business rules as any user would describe them. You can choose from multiple field types such as: text, quantity, formula, image, video, attachments, toggle, lists, date, cross-reference, and more.

You can easily add new users. Once added, users can reset their own passwords and profile preferences.

There are two types of users in Cloudternal Records, administrators and non-administrators. Administrators have complete access to the application and permissions do not apply to them. They can also assign administrative rights to other users.